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For the best webcam cei femdom experience, look no further. Hundreds of Mistresses online right now, all ready to humiliate you with cum eating instructions.

There are many acts in bdsm and female domination that few dare to try. Some things are just too extreme and many are just too much for some subs to brave. One such activity is cum eating. Many subs say they want to be forced to eat their own cum. To be made to lick it all up after they have orgasmed by a cruel Mistress who will mock them as she does so, laughing at them as they struggle to gobble up their filth at her command.

It is the ultimate degradation for a male but for most, while this is all a great idea when they are horny and turned on, the second they have cum they lose all interest when the endorphins have stopped being released. They will usually then “lose” their internet connection or decide the session has finished. Only the bravest and best submissives who appreciate a Dommes time is valuable and would not dream of wasting it will see it through to prove they are serious. These are the strictest femdom cams Dommes you will find anywhere and they deserve total obedience and compliance.

Making a slave eat his own cum is the ultimate power dynamic. It shows who is truly incharge and calls the shots. It is also a perfect way for her to remove what little pleasures a slave can feel. You will not even be able to enjoy your wank or your orgasm because the dread and fear of what is to come after will make you depressed.

The Best Cum Eating Instructions Live

For most slaves, this is the ultimate submissive act. To do this even after you are no longer horny is proof to their Mistress they are true submissives who will always do as they are told no matter what, and are prepared to be humiliated and degraded and to do whatever she commands.

Having no choice in the matter and having to do it anyway will turn your stomach and make you feel ill but she is ordering you to do it and the punishment for non-compliance will be strict, severe and cruel so you must do it however she tells you too.

How Does CEI Work On Webcam?

Cum eating instructions on cam varies from session to session and is influenced greatly by what you the sub are “into”. It can be as simple as having you masturbate and stop every so often to scoop your precum onto your fingers and lick them clean. This is simple and is a great entry level act for newbies to get started. You will obviously be horny during this and will be more likely to do what you are commanded. It is too easy to just log off and blame your internet if you change your mind when you are using femdom webcams for your CEI so starting off gently is a must.

As you build up your experience you can work through to one of the many endless possibilities for cei. Every single online dominatrix for cei that is on this particular site has a dominant personality and a wicked imagination that is filled with humiliating, horrible ways for you to be made to eat your spunk. As horrid as they are for you though, they will be amusing for her to see you struggle and gag as you eat it all up! Some of the acts these Dominas have forced slaves to do in the past include –

  • Ejaculate onto a plate and lick it up
  • Cum into a bowl and scoop it out with a spoon
  • spunk onto a piece of bread and eat it
  • cum in a glass and drink it
  • Lick it up off your palm
  • Eat it from the floor like a dog
  • Orgasm into a tissue and swallow it
  • Cum into a cloth and suck it dry
  • Masturbate into a condom and then lick it clean or pour it down your throat
  • Mix it with tea or coffee and drink it
  • Ejaculate over a meal and eat it
  • Dump your load on the carpet and eat it from there, dirt and all
  • Buy a pair of her used boots and then cum on them, licking your filth from them
  • Wank into a pair of your wife or GFs panties and use your mouth to clean them afterwards
  • Spunk all over your hand and lick it fully clean

The above list is by no means exhaustive. There is no end to the cruelty and sadism of the Dominas who are on this site. You will never know what is coming, what they will think of or what they will force you to do. Whatever you can think of, it is a stone cold guarantee they have had another submissive ina session at one time or another who has given them an idea for something you would never think of in a million years.

By utilizing the most severe cum eating instructions imaginable, her hold over you as well as her power will be cemented forever.

So will also employ jerk off instructions, tease and denial and orgasm control over you as well. She will get you really turned on, highly excited and get you to a stage where you are so desperate for relief that you will be almost in tears. She will take you to a place where you will agree to ANYTHING just to get relief. This is where she will hit you with the condition to your orgasm release. You need to lick up all of your mess after you are done.

This is also an ideal reason to keep a slave locked in chastity for days, weeks or months at a time. No orgasms or erections will make him keen to do whatever she says just to be released. This is one of the most extreme and best bdsm cam sites on the internet and these Mistresses show no mercy

There are hundreds of Mistresses live and online right now and each one loves the control and power they have over a male slave to force him to eat his own cum in lots of degrading and humiliating ways. There is no end to their cruelty or sadistic ways they will force you to do their bidding.

So are you brave enough? Are you looking for the best fetish cams Mistress to take you to a whole new level? If so, and you think you are brave enough to follow it through, sign up to this site and enter a femdom cams session with a Mistress from here now.


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