Humiliation Cams

Humiliation cams for male subs and slaves who need put in their place and reminded of just who owns them and that anything can happen to them that they need to just suck up and accept.

One thing any femdom webcam Mistress loves to do above all others is dish out humiliation and heap it upon their unfortunate slaves. They love seeing the fear and trepidation in their eyes, the nervousness as they are unsure of what is going to happen now and what she is going to do. They love to break their insignificant male property into pieces and make them nothing more than a blubbering mess, laying on the floor in the fetal position.

Humiliation Webcam Domination

Each one of these Dommes is a mean, cruel, cold-hearted bitch who loves degrading her slaves purely for her own enjoyment. You will never know what kind of mood they are in or what sadistic thoughts are in their heads to inflict on you. All you can do is steel yourself and accept your fate. You won’t know how far she wants to push you or when she will stop. All you know is that seeing your face turn crimson red with embarrassment and shame is a huge turn on for her, which means your degradation will be long and drawn out.

The things these Dommes will make you do in a femdom humiliation cam session will blow your mind, and may include such degrading acts as –

  • Eat dog food out of a bowl on the floor
  • Lick the toilet seat after it has been used and not flushed
  • make you plead to orgasm
  • Force you to lick up your own cum
  • Masturbate while standing infront of a window
  • Spit into your hand then rub it all over your face
  • Write degrading slogans on your body in permanent marker
  • Wear a puffy pink sissy dress, strappy heels and a tiara
  • Urinate into a glass and drink it all
  • Make you communicate using a dog toy to squeak instead of talking
  • Sing birthday songs
  • Suffer live cum eating instructions and be made to eat your own spunk with nowhere to go
  • And much, much more

The sadistic and creative minds of these twisted ladies will be sure to always keep you guessing and mean that no two sessions with them will ever be the same.

Each of these Dommes loves to get deep into your psyche and find out all your deepest, darkest fears. To discover through manipulation what you hate and fear the most, which has two advantages. Firstly it gives her handy information to threaten you with in order to make sure you do as you are told and secondly it allows her to find out what would cause you the deepest embarrassment and humiliation. For example, If you have a fear of enclosed spaces you will be threatened with being shoved in a cupboard if you do not obey. If you dont like the dark then she might threaten to make you turn the lights out.

Small Penis Humiliation

The favourite go to act when dishing out humiliation to their subs though is small penis humiliation. Nothing gives them greater glee than watching the squirming of this male insect as he is forced to listen to their gorgeous woman ripping his manhood to shreds. You will be called every hurtful, horrible, nasty and cutting word she can think of until the tears begin to form in your eyes and your bottom lip begins to tremble. Ripping your manhood t bits is a huge turn on for every Mistress online and they get off on seeing you struggle to deal with being reminded your cock is too small for women to get pleasure from.

There will be no hiding place for you from these Ladies no matter what they throw at you. Maybe she will make you wear a pink micro dress, crop top, fishnet stockings, knee-high fuck me boots and cheap make-up?  They love sissy humiliation and making you dance around and parade your slutty ass for all to see.

Nothing is too far, too extreme or too hardcore for these Mistresses. If it enters their head and they want to do it then it sucks to be you because, it’s happening! Such is their wicked personality that they are always thinking of new nd different ways to inflict the most humiliation on insignificant bugs like you. In fact, if you serve the same Mistress, do not be surprised if you enter her webcam room and she tells you she has been actively thinking about a new way she can humiliate you and that she wants to try it out!

All Dominas know that the best way to treat a subby is to keep humiliating him. To always remind him that he has no choice over what happens to him. It keeps him humble and also serves to make sure he always strives to do his best to follow commands and avoid gaining her attention.

Such is the beauty of a live fetish cam session, she can issue you commands and orders without having to break stride and read texts or look at text chat boxes. With a good microphone and a 4K HD webcam, you will feel you are in the room together and you will be humiliated in real time.

Webcam humiliation is one of the most common acts in any bdsm fantasy and this is the best femdom webcam site on the internet. Hundreds of Dominas live and online and ready to dominate and humiliate, degrade and control their slaves who will desperately be praying for the ground to open up and swallow them whole.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to the site now and you can be in a female domination session in less than 3 minutes. An endless choice of Dommes available means you will always find your ideal Mistress with very little effort.

Sign up and log on. You do NOT want to keep them waiting since you will be suffering under their hand enough without annoying them any further!

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