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Ready to hear how much I love to smoke


About British Uk Mistress Live


Listen to me as I smoke my cigarette or cigar and describe to you in detail how much I want you to be my human ashtray or how I would give you a smokey blow job.

I love to smoke and blow it all over your face, ass & cock and balls., If you have a smoking fetish then be sure to call me right now.


smoking fetish


Busty, Sadistic, British Dominatrix with a Twist of Kink and touch of Torment.I enjoy playing with slaves & sissy girls, tormenting them, dominating them, humiliating them and OWNING THEM.

With SEXY Scottish accent but a very ruthless tongue i am sure to turn your world upside down & take great enjoyment from doing so.

So my losers are you ready to spoil your goddess in the luxuries she so deserves? ready to Bowe at my feet and lick my high heels ?

Ready to become my ATM cash machine, my pay pig, oh how I love to drain your wallets and max your cards.

YOU are not important but I am, I am a goddess in your eyes and you are a Loser in my eyes.

I love to degrade and humiliate my pathetic slaves, laugh at tiny cocks, swear and spit in your face, dress my sissies and so much more

When you call me dont expect anything from me.

YOUR NOTHING REMEMBER? You are purely entertainment purposes to me.
A spider caught in my web.

THIS IS AN addiction to you, you will do anything to see me.

I love to humiliate pathetic sluts.

Make sure you are ready to submit & Obey Me

I might make you suck my boyfriends cock, abuse and torture your cock and balls and so much more.

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Strapon on & Anal Trainingcock sucking instructions, Findom, Homewrecking, Spanking, ballbusting,
Forced Feminization, cock sucking Instructions,
Fetishes, Kink, Roleplay & Fantasy

I am always looking for new slaves, sissy girls/boys to use, own and train